Artist/ Affiliates

Ron Brown- Visual Artist

  Rooted in the Afro-Anime style, Ron's work combines the hyper-stylized world of Japanese animation and manga with African and Hip-Hop identity and narrative. Media includes found lumber, collage, painting, and scuplture, all enhanced in ways you've never seen.  

Mac Irv- Musician

North Minneapolis born and bred athlete turned musician. Shows his passion through his crafty lyrics and versatile style. 

Julia Sewell

Powerful and innovative motivational speaker and LIFE COACH. Focused on developing minds that will elevate the universe.

Bandz Up Dip- Musician

Artist from Minneapolis, MN focused on telling his story and getting his music to the world. 

Mail Gipson- Entertainer

Up and coming musician from Minneapolis, Minnesota 

NewJackz- Entertainers

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